Caroline McLean, the group's lead singer, hails from Leeds, England.
Peter Neushul, the group's tenor, is a native Los Angeleno although Peter does claim to be a descendent of Attila the Hun!).
Stam is our Sound Engineer. He runs the Sound Desk for us whenever we require, including our monthly "open mic" at Catalina Coffee Company.
Ron is outstanding bass player featured on "Here comes that Rainy Day" on the CD "A Cocktail for the Ears".
A wonderful arranger of 4 part vocal harmony! Ruby arranged "Corcovado" and "This Can't be Love/Almost Like Being In Love" medley on "A Cocktail for the Ears"
Kate Walker, the Group's Alto is from Christchurch, New Zealand.
Jim has been singing professionally since 1991 when he moved to Los Angeles from Louisville, KY.
Darren is our fabulous percussionist. You will hear his talent on "A Cocktail for the Ears". We especially love his creativity on "Wanting Memories"
Paul has a fabulous recording studio in Chatsworth, California. (

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